The team behind HELM is comprised of creative professionals from all around the world. Some of the places our contributors hail from include the US, Mexico, Indonesia, the UK, France, Russia, and more. If you'd like to chat, feel free to reach out via our contact page here

     Creator, Writer, Editor

Jehanzeb Hasan

Creator, Writer

True story: Jehanzeb Hasan was on his way to becoming an English professor but decided to call it quits after he realized writing 30 page papers on topics like the depiction of men crying in the political literature of the 18th century Americas wasn't really why he wanted to pursue a Ph.D. Instead, over the last 8+ years, Jehanzeb has been managing projects and teams in the video game industry. 

These days, Jehanzeb runs his own mobile games development start-up. He splits his time between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, CA.

Mauricio Caballero

Illustrator, Colorist

Mauricio Caballero, a self described Mexican geek who refuses to grow old, has spent 18+ years working in pre-production on several Mexican animation projects -- from TV shows, to movies, to comic books. Over the past few years, he has learned the ultimate technique of any illustrator's dream -- watch a movie or documentary while working hard. 

Mauricio is passionate about all kinds of video games, including everything from old school classics to modern next-gen titles. 

DC Hopkins


DC Hopkins is a freelance comic book letterer and designer. He is a staff member of Deron Bennett’s AndWorld Design studio. Some of his clients include IDW, Disney, Heavy Metal, and Tor. He lives in Indiana with his wife, two cats, and a son on the way.

Special Thanks

  • StylusHead (Rafael González) for coloring every page of of Chapter 5. 
  • Miguel Angel Reyes for the majority of coloring work on Chapter 1.
  • Njay (Nizam Jamil) for completing several early character concepts.
  • Sonia Harris for creating the HELM logo.
  • Maxime Plasse for his version of the Map of the Midlands.
  • Bethan Dixon Bate as the voice of Luna Lumere in our animated trailer.
  • Adam Kelski for composing and recording the music used in our animated trailer.
  • Dmitriy Sorokin for providing early environment concept art.