HELM Interview at CBAMR

Comic Book & Movie Reviews recently interviewed us on a variety of topics related to HELM... and asked some very interesting questions! You can read a few excerpts from the interview below but click here for the full interview. 


What inspired you to create your webcomic HELM?

The concept developed over a long period of time. Initially, I had wanted to create a video game -- an episodic choice/consequence adventure game, a la Telltale Games, but more 2D than 3D. I think I got 50 or 60 plus pages into the script before I had a lightbulb moment and realized the game approach would be a bit too costly for just a hobby project. I wasn't confident I could find a rockstar technical partner, as well -- and because, in the end, I only really wanted to tell a story, I decided to go the comic route. 


Oh, and as for inspirations, I've thought a lot about this, myself. The first thing I can think of, especially in regards to the setting, is this PC RPG game from 2001 called Arcanum. I'm sure steampunk and fantasy had been done before but the way the folks at Troika pulled it off seemed really unique and appealing to me. It left a mark and I always wanted to tell a story in a similar world. You'll see homage paid to Arcanum here and there throughout the HELM story.


If you could get a celebrity -- either living or dead -- to promote your wares, who would you choose, and why would you want to choose this particular person?

My marketing mind tells me Kim Kardashian. One tweet from her and I'll never have to spend another penny on advertising, haha. 

Seriously though, if I set aside celebrities that would generate me a ton of relevant traffic -- people like Stan Lee, the Image Comics folks, etc. -- I think I'd go with a live action actor for Eldrick or Luna

When I was trying to find references for my artist friends for Luna, I struggled trying to come up with many. I did find the perfect voice though -- you can check that out in the trailer. As for Eldrick, there were quite a few references. One of them was AJ Locascio -- someone who I think is known more for his voice work than actual on-camera stuff. Funny enough, he also does a lot of Telltale Games stuff. So yeah, I think I'd go with AJ


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