HELM is an Eisner-nominated comic series set in an ancient fantasy world that has undergone an industrial revolution in the past 300 years. Racism and riots run rampant, "magick-makers" are mercilessly hunted, the elves have all but been eradicated, and rumors of rebellion stir amongst the half-breeds and downtrodden peoples of the Commonwealth.

Pursued by the merciless LEGION, the mysterious witch LUNA LUMERE seeks out ELDRICK SPELLSONG, JR., a college dropout who unknowingly holds the key to unlocking an age-old secret. Together, along with a sundry gang of adventurers, villains, and scoundrels, they will traverse the dark and dangerous world of HELM, in search of the legendary BASTARD KING, and rouse him from his slumber.

HELM is updated with a new (free) page on this website every Tuesday. The comic series is also available for purchase (published by Action Lab) as single issues, and as a collected volume, at comic and book stores.

The Characters


Luna Lumere

Considered the Great Wizard of the Age by the magi of her day, Luna is a powerful mage and one of the most wanted criminals in all of the Commonwealth. A companion of the late elven Ice Queen, Luna has been by Rufus's side ever since he was a child. It is unclear how old she really is.


Eldrick Spellsong, Jr.

The presumed Great Wizard of the next age, Eldrick is a dropout on his way home to Plumbroke. An artist at heart, he expects to move back in with his ailing father, begin looking for work as a clerk, and continue his artistic pursuits. Little does he know the strange fate that awaits him.


Gwyneth Smedley

One of the top students in her class, Gwyn is also the captain of the Elderbury women's archery club. An orphan, she overcame great odds to reach her station in life. Gwyn is on her way to Corus Cunae when she meets Eldrick and joins him on his adventure.



One of only a few magi-hunting Helmar in existence, Dapes is a former officer who has had many run-ins with Halifax House over the years. Like other Helmar, Dapes operates above the law and possesses powerful  artifacts that allow him to go toe-toe-toe with even the most formidable magi.


Hawke Halifax

The half-elf son of Rufus Halifax, Hawke has been being groomed to take over his father's syndicate in the event that the elder Halifax is ever captured or killed (whichever happens first). Like his father, he is proud, bold, brash, and a capable gunslinger.


Rufus Halifax

Kingpin of Halifax House, Rufus has dedicated his life to the overthrow of the Helmic Commonwealth. A legionnaire in his youth, Rufus witnessed their brutality firsthand. He left their ranks and vowed to defend the downtrodden of Helm so long as he lived.


General Sacre

A decorated general of the Helmic Legion responsible for maintaining order in the Midlands province. Sacre was born in Balbourne but spent much of his earlier military career as part of the last elf-hunting campaigns in the northern provinces. 



A self-loathing dwarf, Morris (who was actually given the birthname Morgus) abandoned his clan during his teenage years and took to a life of crime. He has completed several important jobs for Luna over the last decade (with mixed results). 


Rusty Six-Guns

A smart-mouthed, pistol-wielding scoundrel with a heart of gold. Rusty was once one of Rufus's most trusted spies; however, after he lost favor with the Halifax boss, Rusty was asked to operate a safehouse below the city of Trout. He resides there today, awaiting his next assignment.


Nelle Rille

After her father was murdered by the Legion when she was only a child, Nelle fled into the woods where she was discovered by Luna. The witch took it upon herself to help raise the young "quarter-elf" and brought her into the Halfiax fold. 


Carmichel Imslet

A half-ogre carpenter that was born and raised in the living quarters at Halifax House.  He is the son of a famed but deceased ogre warrior that he never knew (and never cared to seek out and meet). Carmichel is married to Magda.


Magda Imslet

Magda's late mother hailed from a wealthy and esteemed family from Balcourt; however, she decided to abandon Balbourne high society and raise her daughter in service to the oppressed peoples of the Midlands. Magda currently serves as Doctor of the House.

Additional (notable) characters will be added as the story progresses.

The Creators


Jehanzeb Hasan

Creator, Writer

For over a decade, Jehanzeb has managed projects, products, and teams in the video game industry. He writes HELM, B.O.B., and works on other creative projects as a hobby in his spare time. 


Mauricio Caballero

Illustrator, Colorist 

A self-described Mexican geek who refuses to grow old, Mauricio has spent over 20 years working on creative projects ranging from TV, to film, to animation, to comics. Mauricio is especially pasionate about video games.


DC Hopkins


DC Hopkins is a freelance comic book letterer and designer. He is a staff member of Deron Bennett's AndWorld Design studio. Some of his clients include IDW, Disney, Heavy Metal, and Tor.


Rafael González

Colorist (Chapter 5+)

Rafa has worked as an illustrator and art director on several animated films. He grew up watching and drawing his favorite characters from TV, shows, video games, and comics. 

Special thanks to Miguel Angel Reyes (Colorist, Chapter 1), Nizam "Njay" Jamil (Concept Artist), Sonia Harris (Logo/Graphic Designer), Maxime Plasse (Cartographer), Bethan Dixon Bate (Voice Actress), Adam Kelski (Composer), Piero Vettori (Concept Artist), and Dmitriy Sorokin (Concept Artist).

The Setting

The Midlands is only one of the many provinces that make up the Helmic Commonwealth, formerly called the Helmic Imperium. The Imperium was founded many centuries after the collapse of the storied Unified Kingdom, which came into existence following Alric the Great's (first of his name and one of the last kings of the Balenthrone) conquest of the Kingdom of Corus in 4381 of the Age of Thormir.


The capital of the Commonwealth, Corus Cunae, is located to the south-east of the predominantly gnomish province of Redfeld.