We're Live!

It took a while but we're finally live and ready to start the adventure! 

What began as a concept for an episodic adventure game series (a la Telltale Games) nearly two years ago eventually transformed into a webcomic series that I spent many weekends working on over the last several months. 

Today marks not only the launch of the comic but also the full website and an animated trailer. I know I speak for the everyone who contributed to this project when I say we're very happy to finally start sharing this free comic with you all.

We're releasing the first 9 pages of the comic up front. Beginning this Thursday, we'll shift over to our normal schedule, posting 1 new page every Tuesday and Thursday.

One of the hardest things to accomplish when you create a webcomic is building and maintaining an audience. For that reason, I encourage you all to comment, send us messages, and support us on social media (where we'll be posting goodies from time to time) on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We're just getting started so we can use all the help we can get. :)

Thanks for reading!