HELM on Tapastic & POP Comics

HELM is now available to read for free on Tapastic and POP Comics! HELM will be updated with 2 pages on both digital platforms every Saturday morning. These updates are the same pages that will be available earlier in the week here at www.crookshaw.com/helm.

Tapastic is a digital comics platform (web and mobile) that boasts a user base of over 1 million readers, primarily in North America. Tapas Media is based in San Francisco with a satellite office in Seoul. 

Check out HELM on Tapastic at www.tapastic.com/series/helm

POP Comics is a mobile comics platform developed BY and FOR manga and comics creators and fans. POP was created with one simple goal: to foster a thriving mobile manga and comics community, where talented creators can share their stories and connect with fans. POP is the brainchild of TOKYOPOP founder Stu Levy. 

Download the free POP Comics app on the App Store or Google Play and remember to subscribe to HELM.