What's Next for HELM?

Well, that's a wrap for Book 1: Harbinger!

The first page of HELM was published on August 16th, 2016, and ever since then, we've been consistent in posting a new page every Tuesday and Thursday -- no interruption, no delay, no break. 

We're thankful to all of you have been following the story of Eldrick, Gwyn, and Luna (especially those of you who leave us comments!) and can't wait to share what the future holds for these characters and others. 

I'm currently working on the script for Chapter 6 (and Mauricio has already put the art together for a few pages); however, it'll be a while before we begin posting pages here. The reason? To be honest, HELM is an expensive hobby -- one that doesn't generate much of a financial return. That's OK, as I never expected a return (this was always intended as a fun passion project), but it basically means I need to reduce the pace of our output of pages and go on hiatus every once in a while.

Since we've been regularly posting pages for over a year now, and we just posted the final page of Book 1, now seems like a good time to take that first break. :) 

So, what can you expect from Book 2 of HELM?

We actually finished the script and art for Book 1: Chapter 5 quite a while ago, and our skills (in terms of writing, art, colors, and letters) have continued to improve during that time. We made errors (and will probably continue to do so) but our craft has evolved, and we think this will be obvious when you start seeing the first pages from Book 2. 

The stage is set and the objective is clear -- track down the Spellsword linar, recover it, and uncover the path to the Bastard King. 

While Book 1 focused on establishing the world, characters, and premise, our next 5 chapters delve deeper into our characters, their histories, and relationships. Don't worry though -- there'll still be plenty of new character intros, globe-trotting, and action/adventure in the next book.


So, what else is next for HELM?

We're pleased to announce that HELM will be coming to comic and book stores next year! 

Recently, we signed a deal with Action Lab Entertainment, publisher of titles like the Eisner-nominated Princeless and Spencer & Locke, to bring Book 1: Harbinger (Chapters 1-5) to comic and book stores as individual issues, and later, as a collected volume. 


How can you be notified when the first pages of HELM Book 2 and the print version of HELM Book 1 becomes available?

The best way to stay updated is to sign up for our mailing list (you can find the sign-up form on the right column of this webpage). We've only ever sent 2 e-mails to this list, so you can rest assured we won't spam you. That said, if you'd prefer to follow us via other means, there's Facebook and Twitter. We'll post updates in both places; however, you run the risk of missing out on important updates if they get lost in your feed.

That's all, folks!

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