HELM Review by The Motley Geek

The Motley Geek published an excellent review of HELM earlier today. We've included an excerpt of the article here but click through to read the entire piece on their official site. 

Old school epic fantasies about underdogs rising up have been my go to since The Wheel Of Time started spinning. Helm is a high fantasy series that centers on an awkward college dropout whose every action and decision will shape the future of the world he lives in. And what a beautiful world at that.

Eldrick Spellsong Jr. is joined on his path as the Harbinger, by nerd and Archery club captain Gwyneth Smedley (who is very suspicious – she has no good reason for being there… seriously), the enigmatic outlaw wizard Luna Lumere, and an unapologetic Bothan named Rusty Six-Guns. Together, they make their way towards the Bastard King, who will either unify or destroy the world. Just peachy.

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