Chapter 6 Starts on Tuesday, June 5

It's finally here! Crookshaw Creative is proud to present Chapter 6: Old Ghosts, the first chapter of HELM Book #2, which will be launching this Tuesday. We'll post our cover page first, and then get into the swing of things next week...

At least a couple things have changed since we went on hiatus last year...

1. HELM Book #1: Harbinger is available for sale as single issues and as a collected trade paperback volume (available September 18, 2018). Visit your favorite comic/book retailer, order print copies of HELM on Amazon, or find us on Comixology if you want to add this series to your digital library.

2. We're posting new pages at a pace of 1 page a week. I'd love to do more but HELM can be an expensive hobby, so unless we can garner enough support (and please show your support for us on Patreon), we'll be limited to posting 1 page every Tuesday.

3. If you don't want to wait a week for an update, you can stay up to date on our latest progress (concepts, sketches, scripts, in progress and final pages) every week by pledging on Patreon. You can even read the entire Chapter 6 script now... before any of the pages are posted. :)

If you're a new reader (or just want a refresher), I recommend scrolling through our About page before you get started.